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19 May 2010 @ 04:28 pm
Review -Lost 6x16: What They Died For  
The season 1 references were so many and it really felt like a circle. THE END IS NEAR. *bawls* 

I'd be happy to know what you guys think of my take on it and your opinions on the matter. :D


>The alt!part of this episode begins with the sweetest family breakfast ever (Y/Y?) and we find out that David is going to take part in a concert and he wants Jack do be there. His mum is going there too. Good. :]
So yeah, Ben ends up in the infirmary of the school after he gets beaten up by a very determined and hot Desmond and John comes buy and they have an adorable little scene, where it is proved for about the 103467th time that ME and TOQ are fantastic actors.

>Desmond then goes to the police station and confesses to being the man who ran Locke down and beat up Dr. Linus. A very sexy policeman locks him up in the same cell as Sayid, next to the one Kate is.  Desmond is very polite and awesome and greets his new friends, like every true English gentleman would do. Not creepy at all.
>Alex is surprised that someone hurt Ben because after all he is such a good guy and she offers him a drive home, which soon extends to a dinner invitation and a very pretty and not at all crazy-jungle-hair looking Danielle Rousseau insists on having him over. Ben helps her clean up after the dinner and Danielle tells him that Alex sees him as the father she never had. Ben gets emotional and the scene is so good and it is such a nice thing to watch Ben being teary eyed (especially in the amazing way it is delivered by ME), that you soon look past the fact that the scene is a tiny bit cheesy. And there is definitely something there between Dr.Linus and Danielle. Good for Ben. He may at last lose the big V.
>Locke visits Jack at the hospital and tells him that maybe this all happened for a reason, and that maybe Jack is meant to fix him. And Jack points out to him that he is mistaking coincidence for fate. It's kinda funny how they want the same thing (surgery) but they have different reasons for doing it, even in the alt. I believe Jack's line highlights exactly that fact. He wants to do the surgery because he believes it can work and because it will finally "be enough". John, on the other hand, changed his mind because of a series of events that to him meant something more than coincidence. I am very pleased to watch their interactions this season; they are so interesting and they show exactly where each character lies. Love it.
>Later on, the sexy policeman informs his prisoners that he has a coffee date to attend and that he will be shipping them off to county because they are giving him headaches already. Kate flirts with him for a while (it just comes so easy for her to whore her way out of there, doesn't it..? -sorry, I've been trying to be good towards Kate, but this scene really annoyed me-) to make him change his mind, but he is a good cap and he sends her off with the other 2 hot men to punish her, before she gets the chance to destroy his career and his life for the second time. They still don't seem to recognise each other (in your face, Skaters, because you really make it hard for me to be polite to you lately), which is a good thing imo.
>In the van, Desmond explains that he has an escape plan for the 3 of them and when they stop Hurley pays their driver cap, Ana Lucia (I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HER BACK! *__*), to let them go. Desmond's only condition is "come with me to a concert wearing the sexy dress I got for you. Aye.". Fair enough. Not sure Penny will appreciate this, though. Sayid gets to go with Tubby.

Group #1>Jack treats Kate's bullet wound in a scene that mirrors their first meeting and it is kinda sweet. All 4 stare then at the ocean, sending a sad last goodbye to the people that died in the sub. Sawyer feels guilty for the 2nd time in a week[!] (as Miles points out later) and looks so heartbroken. He really does have nothing to care for anymore. ;__; He lost his girl and now one of his best friends and he clearly feels guilty for all of it, no matter what Jack tells him. Apparently a talk alone with Jack makes everyone feel better but Sawyer. :( Kid!Jacob runs to Hurley and gets his ashes back and he is really determined and not at all like he was in the previous episode as a child imo. He leads Hurley to the adult version of Jacob and when all 4 of them gather, Kate asks all the questions the audience has had for some time now,in a desperate attempt of the writers to make her more likeable to the part of the audience that does not ship her with someone. JK. She's cool. And she has every right to ask him wtf all this is about. Jacob agrees to give answers! :O So he says that he brought them to the island because he made a mistake and because of that all of them (pfff, only 4 left. ;_;) and everyone the ever cared about is going to die. So Sawyer, who has already lost that last part, is clearly pissed and asks him what was that mistake. He explains he created Smokie and ever since he's been trying to kill him. Well then, Jacob dear, instead of spending your time making carpets, you should have really tried finding a way to kill *him* first; just saying. Sawyer and I are soulmates and that is why he asks what I've been wondering all along: why did Jacob bring them there. Jacob said that he was lonely and needed someone to mess with and he was too tired to do his job after all those centuries and, anyway, who would wanna get out of that foot and start start running in the jungle? It might rain and stuff. Guy needed a replacement. He chose all those broken but unique snowflakes and put them in a plane. Destination: Island of Doom. To get serious, I really liked this part of his speech "You were all looking for something that you couldn't find out there. I chose you because you needed this place as much as it needed you." It speaks for each one of them individually, but also for all of them as a team and the way they functioned, especially during their first weeks/months there. I also liked that the factor of "choice" was addressed again. Jacob talks about the 'Light' and finally Jack accepts the job, saying that this is his destiny. I did not quite understand if by doing so he agrees to killing Smokie and that then it is all over and he may quit, or that no matter what happens he has to stay on the island eternally (or at least until he gets bored like Jacob).
What do you think?
Knowing Jack, he would stay there forever simply because he promised to. Sometimes I feel so sorry for that man.  He gets a lot of fan bashing, sometimes reasonably, sometimes not, and all he is trying to do is do the right thing without losing himslef. Sigh. Jacob guides him to the creek and performs the same ritual Mother did with him, as we saw in 6x15. They are the same now. The other 3 cowards stayed behind, sneak-peeking through the woods. Good thing they seemed to acknowledge at least that Jack did some kind of sacrifice there.

Group #2>Meanwhile..... YES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! WE FINALLY SEE TEAM!AWESOME AGAIN. And because awesome team is awesome, we get to have some smartass lines from Miles and Ben and it all feels good. LET ME GUESS! COOKIE-JAR! :D
They approach Ben's house, but Miles gets all weird because he senses the zombie!vibes. It turns out that Richard burried Alex after Ben left. ;__; Was I the only one who asked my screen if Richard would marry me at that moment? Never got an answer btw. The go into Ben's secret Smokie-calling room and get the C4, when they here noises coming from the kitchen and lo and behold there is that bitch Zoe and Widmore. Charles is thirsty and gets himself some water (and the angle of the screen is in a way that I get serious Juliet vibes from when she was in Ben's house after she found out about his cancer.. *sigh* Oh, the good times.) and calms Benji down. Locke is coming to get them though and Charles is brave and suggests they hide. Ben and RicHot want to talk to him and they decide to go outside and wait for his highness. Miles is the reasonable one and decides to run in the jungle. I love you, Miles. And I'd go with you jsyk. Ben wants to keep in touch though, and snail-mail is a little slow on the island, plus he keeps changing addresses, so he demands Charles' walkies (because he ASKED, that's right. And he said "Thank you") and hands one to Miles. And OMG next thing you know the 2 gorgeous Others are waiting outside and Richard gets thrown away by Smokie and kjagfdsjhfhsldf *JEARS*. HE BETTER STILL BE ALIVE, LOST.  ;___; Anyhow, fLocke was looking for Ben, after all, because he wants him to do the dirty job and kill some dudes for him. This episode encourages strength and bravery and truth. Ben leads fLocke to the back of the house to Charles and Zoe and before we can finish thinking "Why is she STILL here?"...


 (by lostwithme )

fLocke says Widmore told her not to talk to him and that made her pointless. She was pointless from moment #1, if you ask me. fLocke wants to know what the deal with Desmond is. Widmore tells him that he was Jacob's "fail-safe" plan, but he wouldn't say any more in front of Ben, because it was Rated info and it wasn't for the ears of people like Ben with no innocence, but still virgins. Naturally, Ben gets angry because that was totally uncalled for and he shoots the bastard to death. And that is when I start to believe that John does have an influence on fLocke because he went all "Ben, you never seize to amaze me." and the love was there.
Ben and fLocke walk towards the well Desmond is supposed to be in and it is empty. There is a rope hanging so Ben points out that someone helped Desmond out. fLocke replies that no, someone helped him (as in fLocke) out. Ben wants to know what Charles told him about Desmond and fLocke says that Desmond was one final way to make sure Smokie wouldn't get out of the island in case he managed to kill all of Jacob's beloved candidates. He adds that he is going to find Desmond and with his assistance he will do the one thing he can't do by himself: destroy the island. (I still don't get how that would work, but that is what the finale is for, right?)  LOST.

Your thoughts?